The Book

The Book of Yoga Self-Practice

20 Simple and effective tools to help you CREATE and SUSTAIN a fulfilling independent yoga practice

Become the yogi who can practice anytime, anywhere.

The Book of Yoga Self-Practice is the ultimate guide for every aspiring yogi or dedicated student who wants to find the magic of an independent yoga practice.

No need to travel to a class, or struggle to find the exact type of teaching you need in any given moment. No need to follow a video, or come up with a pre-planned sequence. No need to keep spending money on classes or subscriptions that never quite fit the bill.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to overcome the challenges of starting, continuing and progressing in a yoga self-practice.

It combines heartfelt writing with beautiful design to provide 20 usable and unbelievably helpful tools which you can implement in your yoga practice TODAY.

Learn to PRACTICE, not just do POSES.

A yoga self-practice enables you to fit YOUR yoga into YOUR life.

This book contains all the tools you need to make it REALLY happen

Learn how to PRACTICE not just do POSES

What Will I Learn?

5 Key Lessons
  • How to creatively flow by yourself, totally on the fly
  • How to structure fufilling practices, be they 6, 60 or 600 minutes long
  • How to endlessly come up with new ideas for the content of your practices
  • How to keep showing up, even when the going gets tough
  • How to make sure you are progressing in your yoga practice

What Do I Get?

The Book & More...
  • Over 320 beautifully designed & illustrated pages
  • Choose either the stunning phyiscal version, or the handy eBook. Or maybe both!
  • Printable templates which you can download from the Templates page
  • FAQ section: worried you'll have more questions. They'll be answered here
  • Further reading list: the must read yoga books in one place

What issues are tackled?

Your Problems Solved
  • Finding the motivation to self-practice. Today, tomorrow and forever
  • Practically fitting your practice into your already busy life
  • Safely overcoming your fears of practicing without a teacher
  • Know whether you are ready for an independent yoga self-practice
  • Ensuring you are always maximising learning opportunities in your practice

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What do the 20 tools cover?

Anyone who has tried a self-practice has been there… alone on your mat, with not one single clue of what to do.

It is a lonely and disheartening place. So much so that even the thought of it puts many of us off getting on that mat in the first place.

These first five tools in this book are designed specifically so you will NEVER be short of ideas of what to practice again. And, you wont even have to refer to the book as you go. Promise.

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Do I need to have practiced yoga before I read this book?

There is chapter in the book (The Who) which will help you work out whether you are ready for a yoga self-practice. If you are brand new to yoga, this book will not be the only resource you need to get started or the most important – there’s nothing quite like taking some classes. But having it with you from the beginning could help, especially if you have the ultimate goal of practicing yoga independently.


Does it matter what kind of yoga I want to self-practice?

One section of the book (The How) is predominately focused on Vinyasa yoga. However, all the other tools in the book (15 out of 20) can and will work with almost any style of yoga you choose to practice.


What if I don’t know what style of yoga to practice yet?

Then this blog post can help you, as can the FAQ section of the book. The book is broadly geared towards a vinyasa self-practice, but the majority of the tools can be applied to any style of yoga practice. So have a read, and I bet it will help you work out what you are looking for.


What if I want to continue taking yoga classes as well?

This book is absolutely designed to use alongside your normal yoga practice, be that taking classes in a studio or following videos online. In fact, sections of the book are specifically geared towards helping you balance yoga classes and a self-practice, and helping you to keep learning as you continue your yoga journey, which for many of us has to include some formal teaching. This book will show you amazing ways to combine a self-practice with other learning.


I’m a non-native English speaker, will it be hard for me to understand your book?

The book has been professionally edited and I have worked really hard to make it accessible for native and non-native speakers. If you are comfortable reading this page on the website, you will be able to read the book.


If I have more questions, where can I contact you?

Shoot any further questions to hello @ yoga-self-practice.com


Based on a series of sold-out workshops

The book is the result of years of trial and error both on my own mat and while teaching others to develop their independent self-practice.

"I wanted to let you know that since you taught me to self-practice, I have given up my membership at my yoga studio and now exclusively practice at home... I appreciate being able to tailor my practice towards what I feel my body needs that day, and also towards the amount of time I have"


"I haven't stopped flowing on my own since...  I flow in my garden before work, after work and and away on trips.... I have found my inner peace and I am so well. I've never felt healthier or as happy as I do now."
"Over the last few months since your workshop, I’ve practiced more and finally feel like my body is working for me and not against me for the first time in my life!"
"You have helped me overcome the fear/embarrassment of seeing where my yoga practice goes, not worrying about messing up the order, and actually having the confidence in knowing that with practice it will keep getting better. Now when I take inspiration from what I see online, I can actually apply it when I come to my mat"

Message From The Author

In the book I share my own unique method for learning to create and sustain a truly fulfilling independent yoga practice. Because having a yoga practice which actually fits into my life truly changed it.

While I am truly passionate about yoga – practicing it, teaching it, and sharing it – it is but one of my passions. I am passionate about my big career which has nothing to do with yoga. I am passionate about my husband. And I am passionate about the gorgeous son we recently brought into the world together.

I love living a life full of multiple passions. But when you have so many things you are passionate about, it is often rather challenging to fit them all into the 24 hours of a day. Which is why self-practice has become such a huge focus for me. Because most of the time, it’s self-practice or no yoga at all.


Which led me here: an in-depth resource to help you start, develop and improve your own yoga self-practice. One that you can keep with you and use whenever you need it.

It is the guide I wish I had with me when I started my yoga self-practice journey.

And I only hope that the lessons it contains are as helpful to you as they have been to me.

Love RAD