The 8 Limbs Poster

8 Limbs of Yoga Poster

The 8 Limbs Poster

You are here because you know that yoga is about so much more than the postures. This poster shows each of the 8 limbs to remind you, in a stunning way, how your physical practice is just one part of your practice.

 Hang this poster, or lean it, or tape it right in your practice space so you can always be reminded of the holistic understanding and practice of yoga.

The eight limbs of yoga is Patanjali's classification of classical yoga, as set out in his Yoga Sutras (read an ace explanation here, or even better, order your own copy here). This is the philosophical foundation of the system of yoga as we know it in modern times.

This poster lays out the Sanskrit name for each one of the eight limbs, alongside with an English interpretation. Clear, concise and graphically beautiful.

A lovely addition to any yoga practice nook, space, studio, a bedroom: take your pick.

Which of the limbs are you working on today?

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What you need to know about the poster

  • Printed on premium quality, age and UV resistant 200 GSM specialist poster paper
  • A1 size:  841 x 594mm (33.1 x 23.4in)
  • Easy to put into a standard frame, simply tack to a wall, or get mounted


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