The Mission

Yoga Self Practice online is dedicated to providing the TOOLS you need to CREATE and to SUSTAIN a fulfilling yoga self-practice, rather than purely teaching yoga poses or flows.

Because the power of yoga as a system - of movement, of mindfulness, and of spirituality - lies in how it can made entirely bespoke to your needs and your challenges. And nothing is more bespoke to YOU than a self-practice.

The Book of Yoga Self Practice contains 20 tools to develop your self-practice. But there is even more heading your way. What this space or sign up to the newsletter to hear about what is coming next.

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The backstory

Yoga Self Practice started on Instagram in the summer of 2018 as an inclusive place where all body types, skin colours, levels and types of yoga practice are showcased. Why?

To SUPPORT: we might practice alone, but we are stronger in our yoga journeys together.

To INSPIRE: enabling the discovery of yogis, teachers and students of all stripes, and showing how real people practice their real yoga.

To LEARN: sharing the best tips and tricks and ideas to help each other as we practice.

The Founder

Well that would be me, RAD, aka Rebecca, aka @somewhat_rad.

I am thirty-something London based Brit whose yoga journey quite literally started with a bang after I was hit by a van while cycling to work in 2015. Broken bones and lots of soft tissue damage ensued and months later when I still couldn't lift my arm above my head, I turned to yoga to heal myself. I had never done any form of movement/dance/gymnastics, couldn't touch my toes or do a press-up, and was (am!) working 60+ hours a week at a desk.

It's been a slow and at times tough journey, but now I have a consistent and meaningful yoga practice. My asana practice mostly now consisting of self-practice in my kitchen with my cats, in the snippets of time I can carve out in between work and family life.

The book you see here came out of a series of sold-out workshops I have taught since taking my teacher training a couple of years ago. I share my own unique method for learning to create and sustain a truly fulfilling independent yoga practice. Because having a yoga practice which actually fits into my life truly changed it.

You can read more about me and my journey over on my personal website, but know that YOU are really what is important in all of this. The resources you see here are the ones I wish I had had with me along my journey. I would love to hear what you think, and for you to tell me how I can help YOU develop and maintain your yoga self-practice. Get in touch here.

Love RAD