The Tools Poster

The Yoga Self-Practice Tools Poster

The Tools Poster

The ultimate companion for The Book of Yoga Self Practice and for YOUR self-practice.

Limitless inspiration, content and guidance every time you practice in a totally accessible format. No need to dig your book out or flick through pages mid-flow.

This is the closest you are going to get to having your very own self-practice teacher alongside you every time you step on your mat!

The poster artfully lays out the distilled versions of 10 of the 20 tools covered in the book. The ones you need when actually practicing asana. These tools will help you:

  • Get ideas for a practice
  • Structure practices of any length
  • Flow creatively with zero planning
  • Listen to your body and weave that into your practice
  • And much much more!

Hang it, or lean it, or tape it right in your practice space and you will never be lost for inspiration or in a self-practice again. A beautiful addition to any yoga practice nook, space, studio, a bedroom: take your pick.

HOWEVER: the vast majority of the content on this poster will only make sense if you have read The Book of Yoga Self Practice.

The tools included in this poster account for 120 pages of the 300+ page book. There is A LOT of explanation of what each one, and how to use them in the book (vs. NONE of this in the poster).

The other 10 tools cover how to make your practice actually happen in your busy life, how to progress in your self-practice, how to know whether you are ready for a self-practice and much MUCH more. Head here to read more about it and to see the rave reviews.

£25 / $32 / €30

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What you need to know about the poster

  • Printed on premium quality, age and UV resistant 200 GSM specialist poster paper
  • A1 size:  841 x 594mm (33.1 x 23.4in)
  • Easy to put into a standard frame, simply tack to a wall, or get mounted


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  • £2.99: 2nd class packet
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For Europe

  • £8.99: 4-6 days tracked delivery

For the rest of the world

  • £9.99: 5-14 days tracked delivery


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